nerd·lesque; noun


A burlesque and variety show intertwined in the world of geeks and nerds.

We are a passionate group of individuals all dedicated to our craft and characters. We perform nerdlesque and variety. Our members have shown proficiency in: Hooping, belly dance, levi wand, poi, veil fans, Isis wings, staff, and more. In terms of aerial arts, we currently have members skilled in silks, sling, lyra, and trapeze.

We all take the time to get to know our characters to ensure that we can best portray them. Nobody is perfect and we do have an intimate relationship with Murphy's Law; however, we do not let that deter us from putting on a performance that convention attendees will cheer their hearts out for; as well as panels that inform and educate attendees about burlesque, nerdlesque, and other cosplay and performance arts aspects.

Interested in working with us? We would love to hear from you!
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